You said you saw butterflies


When I hear you telling me things I did not want to hear,
Words too acidic for a heart that loves you.
When I see you that way,
Seeing things that do not happen,
With flashes of madness, hallucinating between day and night
My eyes don't want to see what you do to yourself,
They just want to you back the way you were, or ever was.
See you this way makes me sad, sad,
You should have heard what I said,
You should really have listened to me,
Now I see you in a state that I really not wanted to see,
I told you in every way possible,
But you didn't care.
Remember I'll always be with you
Even if you doing all this,
Even if you hurt what I feel,
I just hope the next time you listen to me,
Because they simply love you and want you here,
And not in the other world that you like to be,
Always here ...
Always here waiting for you return!

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